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How to Dig and Divide Daylilies

One day your daylily seeds will grow into a very large plant which will need to be divided.  It is no easy task to dig up and divide very large daylilies.  We have found the following method to be effective.

If there has been no recent rain water thorougly a few days ahead of digging. In this Georgia clay it is certainly easier to dig when the soil is moist. With other soil types this may not be important. If you do not have a digging fork borrow or purchase one. Go around all sides of the plant inserting the fork and lifting. It will take several times around the plant to loosen all roots. Insert, step on fork, lift and pry. Make sure you do this on all sides of the daylily plant as many times as it takes for the plant to lift free.

Knock off soil and rinse  away any remaining soil so that you have a clear view of the crown.  Decide where you want to divide and use a pruning saw to cut through the crown at this point. Very large clumps can be divided by driving a shovel down through the center. This will likely destroy some of the fans. Make sure you leave crown and root for each division.

Let the wounds heal for at least a day. Dusting with a fungicide will also help prevent rot. Trim the daylily leaves and in a day or so replant the daylily. Divisions are best done in Spring or Fall. If you do a Fall division be sure the plant has 6 weeks of growth remaining before winter arrives.

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